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Orphans & kids, the Great Pedophile Businnes of the Catholic church at the basis of pope Francis "welcoming the immigration" politic?


Above image - the Jesuit pope and his Greek orthodox colleague, welcoming this month in the Island of Lesbo (Greece) what could be perhaps termed as "the Greatest Pedophile Businness of the 21st century", thousands of orphans from theaters of war, at disposition of Catholic clergymen, of their Orthodox colleague, and of course of their secular minions.

"" [From Il Mattino online, 04/30/2016]
....He raped her, she gave kicks. I heard her scream. " There were no adults, those who knew and did not speak, to help the investigators to shed light on 'killing of just six years old Fortuna Loffredo, launched into space from the eighth floor of the building where he was staying, June 24, 2014.(.........)The investigation revealed then the social context in Parco Verde [Green Park] similar to a real horror picture: in addition to Caputo, in the course of the investigation into the death of the small Fortuna, the investigators found that four other children of the same building had been victims of violence, so that between the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 another couple of tenants was over to arrest for pedophilia; among these figured Salvatore Mucci, who first rescued Fortuna after the flight of eight floors. Alongside that of Fortuna there is a similar story, that of Anthony Giglio, the three-year old baby child of the companion of arrested man, who, in 2013, suffered the same as Fortuna: died after a flight in the vacuum of tens of meters. The two incidents were not connected at the time, but there may be developments in the coming weeks."

Title: ""So they killed Chicca". The girlfriend of Fortuna reveals details of death" 

Take note where is located the "pedophile district",  is a degraded district of the city of Napoli/Neaples, where the cult of Padre Pio is overwhelming (I noticed in the tv-news interview with the woman whose kid was assassinated, a statue of Padre Pio in her back). Padre Pio's figure has substituted (= anti-Christ) the one of Jesus Christ our Lord:

Wednesday, February 3, 2016
Padre Pio, the way of the Anti-Christ [persecutions for Christians in Italy]

 *   *   *

The other week a person told me an episode of the journalist investigative format "Quinta Colonna" (Fifth Column). Matteo Salvini, the leader of Lega Nord party, entered in a gipsy's camp, striving with the gipsies. A woman answered to him ("Auschwitz" is not meant of course as pleasant tourism in Poland, but as allegory of pure extermination): "You can take us and put on train and bring us to Auschwitz, and destroy our camp, but then you must also destroy that church (Catholic one) and to bring those priests to Auschwitz too, because also the priests want our presence here in the camp because the priests then can rape many of our kids".

Unfortunately in vain I searched the web to see if that episode could have been downloaded in Youtube or other web platform. No trace.

The same person who told me about that tv-report, in the childhood was raised by the nuns, and told me that many females once abandoned that Catholic institution, became prostitutes as form of reaction and revenge for the harassment suffered by the nuns. Even if not accustomed with conspiracy theories etc., that person - who knows very well the Satanic mind of the Catholic clergy being a victim of nuns  - told me that is convinced that the first reason for which the Catholic church wants and protect the immigration "invasion", is due to the fact that then the Catholic clergy can have at disposition thousands of orphans who have no one to defend and protect them and the Catholic priests, bishops, popes, cardinals, friars, etc. can rape them without any problem. 
Of course i agree with that person 200% [that person too is persecuted through Stasi Zersetzung]:

Monday, February 29, 2016
Italy, the Sodomite adoption and the Asteroid of GOD: how to end the incoming Holocaust of Children

Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Meteor over Scotland [video]


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Flags for the enlargement 2 - Five years later: Catho-Orthodox empire of the Antichrist

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As posted in a comment by the Finnish blogger, it comes with a right timing another article of Craig Oxley based on the "Venetian conspiracy theory". He the same  is telling you that he is defending the Vatican:

 "Karen Hudes continues to play out the Venetian created Reformation game in order to divert all the attention onto the Vatican and not the far bigger picture all these people seem to be protecting either by knowing or unknowing their actions. The root ills of Europe come from Venetian and Synagogue of Satan sources not the Vatican which is nothing more than a hollowed out shell eaten by these very Satanists."

  Craig Oxley of the Unhived Mind forum plays the same trick of the Jesuits, they thousands of times played in history, putting down the role and image of the Vatican, changing labels and words in order to make appear the same characters as third persons. His article clearly shows his anti-Christian stance and complete opposition to the word of God:

" I must make it clear that there were so-called Catholic elements to the assassination of Lincoln but these weren’t true Christian Church members but instead Venetian agents masquerading as the Church."

Therefore "the Catholic church is a true Christian church".  Craig Oxley - a well known holocaust denier -  is further helping the Catholic church and the Orthodox one in to hide the Greatest Holocaust of  Christians from Constantine to the Modern age, where millions of Vaudoises, Donatists, Cathars, Albigenses, Paulicians, Bogomils, Anabaptists and many others were murdered by the Catho-Orthodox Antichrist openly, fulfilling the revelation of Jesus Christ our Lord in the book of Revelation (the martyrs of Jesus and cup of the Whore filled with the blood of saints). Just when Catholicism is going to conquer lands and hearts from Ireland to Vladivostok, the minds must be deceived about what is happening. 

*   *   *

31 July it  is the feast of Loyola (as already exposed in a post of ABE blog):

Catho-Orthodox unification in further steps in Slovenia. Putin will visit an Orthodox shrine in the middle of a Catholic land next July, on the Jesuit day feast:

Putin Pahor confirmed he will attend the ceremony on VrsicLjubljana, 04.26.2016, 19:29 | STA
Russian President Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with Pahor confirmed he will attend the ceremony on Vrsic. The visit should be devoted exclusively to pity and tradition of the 100th anniversary of the Russian chapel, without any protocol or political meetings. President to lunch together, something more, however, to avoid political complications, it is not intended.President Borut Pahor, today in a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has accepted an invitation to a ceremony at the Russian Chapel on 31 July. As told STA in the President's Office, the conversation was long and honest dedication are mainly details of the program and Putin visit to the Vrsic.Minister Putin's invitation to attend the ceremony at the Russian Chapel sent on 14 March. It is recognized that both Putin some "different views", but this is only a "further [step to] promote the need for dialogue." "I believe that we are the leaders of nations and states are called to do their best to contribute to mutual respect and understanding, to strengthen international peace and security. [read: the political agenda as troy horse for the religious unification of the  Whore with her lesser sister in the East.  Creating Islamic terrorism to constrain with the knife of the violence at the throat of not Catholic and not Orthodox Christians, to the "dialogue" a.k.a. total submission to the Catho-Orthodox Antichrist]

On some important issues we have different views. This further promotes the need for dialogue. In addition to cultivating traditions and piety I also see in this the importance of your participation in commemorative ceremonies and our meeting, "the invitation of his Russian counterpart wrote the slovenian President.

He also recalled that this year marks the hundredth anniversary of the tragic event, when the First World War, the Russian POWs who built the road over the Vršič Pass, caught in an avalanche. On this sad place now stands the Russian Chapel and every year there "in the middle of summer is collected Slovenians and Russians, to pay tribute to the victims of the tragedy." Through the decades it grew into "an annual symbolic act that carries a message about the importance of peace and respect and understanding between peoples," wrote Minister.etc. etc. etc.

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 Saturday, August 06, 2011
Flags for the enlargement

 петък, 22 април 2016 г.
Hieromonk Constantine teaching universal reconciliation

Thursday, March 17, 2016
"the declared goal is to expell or kill the "Evangelical sectarians", as in Slaviansk and many other cities".

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From Dingle Bay to the Straits of Bering: the true cause of the contemporary events shaking the world

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Manichean occult Catholic propaganda with the theater


Musical for pope Wojtyla in Rome - every day increasing suffucating Catholicization in Italy and occult Manicheism spread and forced in the Italian culture by the increasing "merciful" political arrogance and cultural bullying of the Italian Catholic octopus

Italy is from day to day a giant Catholic spiritual Gas Chamber, to gas every Christian individuality who doesn't bow down to the the pope, whoever he could be. The popes are simply the representative of the System of the Antichrist, the Roman Catholicism:

Notice the atrocious blasphemy of the Antichrist in the text of this Satanic theater piece. Wojtyla is claimed to have - hold on to the chair! - defeated the same Satan!!!!!!....:

""The stage is found in exalting the historic revolution, social and existential made by Saint John Paul," through the work of persecution and the final defeat of his opponent: the character of Satan ""

Indeed, it the pope the "winner" of this theatrical farce - notice the marking on the black/white opposition, typical of the Manicheism, where at the opposite Christian doctrine warns about the hidden leaven of Satan:

""[Satan wants to] Prevent the realization of God's plans on the work of the "white enemy", the Pope who fought and won the good fight of faith,""

Therefore a confession that the popes pretend to be God. Of course they, with such pretence, confess in front of the all world to dare to put themselves above and therefore against God. God the same warned us about such guys as Wojtyla & Bergoglio:

4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.
 2 Thessalonians 2:4

Man among men: the Sistine tribute to John Paul II
Man among men: the Sistine tribute to John Paul II
25 and April 26, 2016

Rome, St. Peter's Square April 2, 2005: John Paul II dies. A group of friends whose parents had lived alongside the Pope then professor and priest in Poland, find themselves on the night of the wake.
Man among men: the Sistine tribute to John Paul II

A sitting room and an album of old photos retie old friendships and awakens in them a desire to tell about the proper life.. Through singing, choreography and poetic narration and times moving, winding tales of their ordinary lives become extraordinary realizing, following the example of the Pope, "the Impossible"

The gimmick stage lies in exalting historic revolution, social and existential made by Saint John Paul, "through the work of persecution and the final defeat of his opponent: the character of Satan, in fact, cruel, ironic and grotesque at all, who  holds dialogues with the audience pulling him as the most treacherous seducers, interrupted on several occasions the unfolding harmonious and lyrical opera telling and singing its eternal and grueling mission: prevent the realization of God's plans on the work of "white enemy" the Pope who fought and won the good fight of faith, the life of the protagonists and, metaphorically, of all people.

The stories of the characters are interwoven with the key moments of the Pontificate of St. John and Paul of the history of the last '900, while the figure of this giant of the Faith stands imposing against the background of a universal message, ecumenical and joyful, that friends of  the sitting room have unwittingly incarnated: Holiness is not a gift reserved for an elite, but it is a simple "YES"! A "YES" submissive and grateful to the history and the mission to which every person is called to accomplish: "unconditionally, boldly, confidently YES!"

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Roman Catholicism = MANICHEISM [definitive demonstration]

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the black lady

> Post edited 14th April 2016 (on "perfecti" - scroll down to find it)

Above image - "MILANO BRUCIA" = "MILANO BURNS". A post historical Catholic storyboard, to exorcise 1,000 years old ghosts polluting the nights of the Whore?

"Ariberto in 1028 was engaged in the visit of the suffragan dioceses of Turin: questioning the leader of a religious group suspected of heresy, the archbishop came to know that the people of Monforte d'Alba (now in the province of Cuneo) interpreted allegorically [= usual perfidy of the Catholic Manicheans who throw on the Christians their secret true Gnosticism] the Trinitarian dogma, denied the necessity of the sacraments, and then the clergy: most likely this population had embraced Catharism. In that same year, military forces employed by Aribert stormed the castle of Monforte: the entire population of the area was deported in Milan and invited to recant their faith. Most of them refused and was burned at the stake. The area of Milan where the heretics of Monforte were imprisoned since then bears the name of the country of origin of the victims: Corso Monforte. [4]"

Quoted in:

Sunday, May 3, 2015
"Cathars, Donatists and Patareni destroying the milano of EXPO" [= XP narrative].

Below a translation from:

domenica 24 novembre 2013 Guido Araldo, Presenze catare nel Piemonte altomedievale. I Catari di Monforte

Warning: the mention of Gnosticism, Essene sects etc. in the below text belong to the Catholic deception. As well the label "heretics" assigned to the Christian churches by a cultural brainwash of the Whore.

Sunday, November 24, 2013Guido Herald, Attendance early medieval Cathar in Piedmont. The Cathars of MonforteAnd dishonest 'now stood a Cathar presence in Piedmont early medieval. Guido Herald tells us of the testimonies we Cuneo from these ancient heretics.Guido HeraldAppearances Cathar in Piedmont altomedievale1. The Cathars of MonforteAn underground wire runs in history and connects the Essenes, Gnostic-Jewish group, the early Christians, then interwoven Bogomils of the Byzantine Empire; later, in the year one thousand, floated from the Bogomils to the Cathars: a wire that went slowly shifting to the West and that, at some point, broke, burned at the stake.The Cathars appeared for the first time in history, as a sudden flower blossomed in the Langhe hills, in the year 1028: in the Middle Ages.But it was really the Langhe? At that time [the Langhes] were the Montes Fortes of the Upper Po Valley and at that time, remember, the Marquise of Susa had no jurisdiction over the Langhe, [which were of ] relevance of the Marquis of Vasto (hereinafter Del Carretto) and of the bishop of Alba.As those heretics were arrived at Monte Forte, it will probably remain a mystery forever! But even then the Cathars put fear for their revolutionary doctrine and the favor which they received from the people as being morally better than the Catholic priests.Disturbing news reached the ears of the Archbishop of Milan, Aribert of Intimiano, maximum ecclesiastical authority of Lombardy, [then it included Lombardy, Piedmont and Emilia] when he arrived on a visit to Turin with a good group of clerics.

These are the facts reported by Landolfo the Elder, the Milanese chronicler:"At that time the Archbishop Aribert arrived in Turin accompanied by a host of good clerics and by a troop of valiant warriors; He heard of a not yet heard heresy, that no time had manifested itself in the castle above the village called Mons Fortis. Having heard it, immediately he ordered that he be brought to that castle a man of that heresy, to learn more about the issue. "

Note: "a not yet heard heresy". It could be that it was not the "heresy", aka the doctrine of the persecuted Christians, to be "not yet heard", but the particular slander built on that particular group of Christians, generally labelled as "Puritans" or "Cathars". 

The "bishop" of the Cathars was a certain Gerardo who showed up in the presence of the Archbishop, as he had been ordered. During the interrogation Gerardo struggled to explain the correct orthodoxy of religion he professed and illustrated the structure of religious communities who directed, made up of "Good Men" led by "maiores", which in later verbal Provencal and Occitan would have taken the name of "perfect." 

This is a feature of the Bogomils:

"It is agreed by all the writers who speak of them that their membership was divided into two classes, the Perfecti, or pure ones, and the Credentes, or believers."
--------------------Edited 14 April 2016:

Why "perfecti"? Could it be that the bogomils, cathars, waldenses called their preachers "perfect" because they attempted to fulfill 2 Timothy 2:15-17?

by C. Stilyianov, in:
сряда, 13 април 2016 г.
bogomil black anarchists - Jirecek

-------------------------------end editing.

 But about the sacraments given in his community, Gerardo refused to make mention. The answers do not calmed the high priest that further worried and went to the Marquise of Susa to invoke the intervention of the secular arm to pursue those heretics. We do not know in what spirit the Countess seconded the request of the archbishop; but a troop of his armed men went to Monte Forte under arrest and took many men and women accused of the heresy of Bogomils. About the countess who gave them hospitality, known as "the black lady", her  fate is unknown ; but apparently she was not among the prisoners, including many women, led in chains in the city of Milan.

About the color black, see Stiliyanov's:

"Pitch Black":

петък, 20 ноември 2015 г.
Woe to those who say God is the Devil


Later, during the trial, it was an option for heretics to repent and return to the fold of the Holy Roman Church, but few agreed and gave up their religious convictions. It seems that even many of them were running happily toward the fires, desirous of punishment like the early Christian martyrs during the pagan persecution. A behavior that caused a sensation, and since then the district of Milan where the Cathars were burned was called "Borgo Monforte."

The religious beliefs of the Cathars remained largely unknown, since the inquisitors who pursued them were careful to make a clean sweep. The only available documents concerning sporadic interrogations during the terrible Inquisition, which relentlessly wiped them off the face of the earth, by going to flush them out in castles eagle nest on high cliffs or in more secluded and wild Pyrenean valleys. Famous remained the long siege at Montsegur, the castle considered
uncatchable.After the events of Monte Forte, in fact, there was a long silence until, after one hundred and fifty, a faint light opened a gash in the darkness of history: these were the years between 1166 and 1169 :. Note: the years of Waldo, the elusive character who is alleged to have started the "Waldensian sect". A fabrication of Rome?

 A notary of Avignon addressed a certain Marcus, perhaps from Lombardy (at the time was known as the Piedmont Lombardy Top or Western), which he converted to the "pure doctrine", to go "to Rocavien et est locus apud Cuneum, ubi stabant Cathars, here venerant de France et habitandum ibi "  [=]  " in Roccavione and this location is near Cuneo, where they were the Cathars who came from France and live there. " (A Dondaine: The hiérarchie cathare en Italie, II, from 'Tractatus de ereticis "d'Anselme in Alexandria, written between 1267 and 1270, kept at the Archivium Fratrum Predicatorum, XX (1950), p. 308. )I believe it is the earliest mention of Cuneo.

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Predestination is of GOD, Predestinarianism is of the Devil


Can you say if you will be saved 100% for sure? If yes, then the warning of Christ to be "always ready" (Luke 12:40) are of no use. Who cares when the Lord comes if I know 100% to be saved? And also the Final Judgement is of no use for the self-claiming 100% saved. You are already judged when you are saved in this perspective. 

Well, if I am not permitted to know "when the Lord will come", in order to not allow myself to  be ready just the day before (in the greatest hypocrisy), I can well think to bypass this problem, declaring myself "100% predestinated to salvation". Who cares then about the hour X ???

Therefore GOD really knows everything and causes everything to happen, the salvation/eternal-damnation of everyone, even this post and its errors. But we are NOT God and therefore we cannot say what only God can say, we cannot attribute to us His features. We are created by Him, not creators. 
Many Predestinarianists will end in the Lake of Fire after having been 100% sure in their earthly life about their "predestination to heaven". And many free-willers will be confirmed at the Judgement Day in being adopted by GOD through Jesus Christ. I say this because in many cases I perceived the arguments of Predestinarianism  as a curtain to hide a great lack of love and empathy for the neighbor. Nazis for example believed to be "predestinated to rule the human race". To be Predestinarian is an easy way to bypass the neighbor and to hide a proper incapability to feel love: 

Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.
1 Corinthians 13:1

With the most of probability, Predestinarianism has been developed by mind deeply affected by the Catholic theology, and with such lenses the simple, pure Christian doctrine of Vaudoises was interpreted, deforming it following wrong mind schemes printed in the minds of scholars coming from decades of Catholic brainwash. Calvin was one of them, as much Luther who grasped the Only Faith in Only Jesus doctrine from the "anabaptists" i.e. Vaudoises and Bogomils. They grasped the pure Gospel of the Vaudoises (and Bogomils, and etc.) to then transform it in a dead cold gear wheel of their theological machinations.

Vaudoises were NOT "Calvinists". At the opposite, Calvin and Luther were the good-willing embalmer of their Apostolic living doctrine.  

Because [edited later].....:
 ...whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.
Matthew, 23:12.
*   *   *

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